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A powerful tool to unlock individual and team potential

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching with BPI focuses on the fundamental topics of Management, Leadership and Communication, supporting the implementation of virtuous behaviours for teams and individuals.

We can combine individual and team coaching journeys, with our unique expertise in capability building and leadership development.


Why Executive Coaching for you & your teams?


To empower people to take responsibility in own teams and with clients


To increase individuals' engagement and satisfaction


To optimize performance and leverage collective talents


To foster a caring and supportive environment through establishing a "Coaching culture"

Individual coaching

An individual coaching journey may focus on transition to a new role, communication, leadership & change management.
A typical coaching journey lasts between 4-6 months, and includes 10-12h of coaching.


Coach selection : you will select your Coach from a group of highly trained, certified professionals with diverse backgrounds.

Personality assessment : the Coach will guide the Coachee through a personality assessment to deepen self-awareness on preferences, values and orientation upfront.

Setting objectives: during a first session, the objectives of the coaching journey and success criteria will be defined.

Coaching sessions: each session with have its own objective, exploration and final action plan. Application on-the-job will ensure real learning and transformation

Closing review: the final session with the Coach, Coachee and line-Manager is aimed at measuring progress of the entire experience.


Team coaching

Team journeys are facilitated by 2 coaches, acting on team strengths’ awareness, alignment on objectives & roles, overcoming team blockages, team capability building, e.g.: decision making, problem solving.
An overall team coaching will last from 3 months to 1 year.

Setting Objectives: through a meeting with line Managers or Leadership members, objectives of the team journey will be defined

Team coaching workshops: ~3 to 6 full or half-day sessions, live or virtual, to cover a specific development areas, leveraging coaching activities, such as: individual reflections, subgroup role-plays, visualization, feedback,…

Interim debriefs and Closing review: meetings held with line Managers or Leadership, after each workshop and at the end of the journey, to measure progress.

Optional individual sessions: individual one-to-one meetings prior/after each session to debrief the experience and set individual objectives


Experienced. Qualified. International.

A network of 20+ high-profile and business-experienced Coaches

ICF Certification, at least 500hrs of coaching and 60hrs certified training

10+ year of business experience, including managerial roles

Experience in variety of sectors and organizations

Experience coaching across tenure, including senior stakeholders

International profile and various languages available, such as English, French, German, Italian, Dutch

Opportunities to agree upon virtual or in-person sessions

Anne Ospital

HR Consultant, Individual, team and career coach with extensive business experience in large Corporates as well as small organizations, across the worlds of Fashion, Consulting, Automotive and Academia.
English, French and Italian speaker.

Kaveh Naficy

Entrepreneur in the realm of People Development, Individual and Team Coach, with a vast experience in bringing change, building teams and developing leaders at global scale. 
English speaker, US based.

Birgit Riedel

Trainer & Coach, with a profound experience in supporting organizations across sectors in executive coaching and training on the job.
English, German, French and Spanish speaker.

Aurelie Lagarde

Full-time Business Coach with previous corporate experience in the highly competitive industries of Advertising, with the aim to increase Individual and Teams’ leadership with a human touch.
English, French and Italian speaker.

Roberto di Stefano

Executive and Team Coach, and HR Consultant, with a former 10+ year experience in automotive and manufacturing corporates as Manager and Board coordinator.

English, French & Italian speaker.


Boosting leadership team collaboration at EVPA

Situation: growing team needing alignment

Newly established leadership team, of a Venture Philanthropy, with a mix of new-joiners in the organization, external consultants, all appointed to address a new high-budget and high-impact project.


Establish a clear definition of roles and responsibilities

Build a high level of trust within the team, and open communication

Ensure effective collaboration towards a clear common goal


a. Diagnostic phase: interviews to deep-dive on organisations context, and focus objectives of the journey.

b. 2 intense live workshop sessions: during workshop 1, the team was supported in the clarification of their roles and responsibilities, development of a team charter, with jointly agreed must-have behaviours and undersigned by everyone. Workshop 2 was focused on feedback and open communications role-plays and reflections.

c. Alignments and Debriefs with CEO: meetings to fine-tune design of each workshop and review progresses of the overall experience


  • Team members were able to express own needs and expectations in terms of behaviours
  • Increased awareness of people differences: own and other preferences on ways of working and communication
  • Interest to continue grow as leaders, through dedicated actions

We unlock amazing potential!​
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Phone: +39 011 0609055 • Email:

Turin – Milan – Rome – London – Munich – Madrid – Paris – Pittsboro

ITA: Business Performance Institute S.r.l.   Corso Matteotti 12, 10121 Torino. VAT: IT10045050019

UK: BPI Learning Consulting UK  C/O WeWork 15 Bishopsgate, EC2N 3AR London. VAT: GB263869755

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